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This meant developers were writing notes from the perspective of the people engineering the software, and this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to the ones actually using it. A good release note has a bold header that doesn’t only say „update no 10,” a simple but explanatory body that sounds humanlike, and a simple description of the necessary confirmation. Unsplash is a collaborative photography website that doesn’t have to update its services every single week. Its corporate brand voice doesn’t match its irreverent writing style, but GoodRx makes it work by consistently using this tone in its in-app updates. Poptin enlists the help of a popup modal that’s accessible from the main navigation on its website.

I really wish they could put a bit more effort into their page. It really has the potential to become even better than ClickUp’s software releases page. State the previous problems about functions and how you solved it – aka, set expectations. But don’t forget to make sure that people read from a person’s perspective, not a robotic script. To ensure that they are written on time, product managers may need a push from the support or marketing teams. Hellonext manages changelogs, product roadmaps, and collects feedback in one place.

definition of release note

Previous releases of Laravel utilized the Swift Mailer library to send outgoing email. However, that library is no longer maintained and has been succeeded by Symfony Mailer. Two buffer overflow bugs that can crash the IOC have been fixed, caused by initializing a string field with a value larger than the field size (Launchpad bug # ). There are also 3 new environment parameters (EPICS_BUILD_…) available that C/C++ code can use to find out the target architecture, OS class and compiler class it was built with.

The new, improved Ignition ships with Laravel 9.x and includes light / dark themes, customizable “open in editor” functionality, and more. The Laravel Scout database engine was contributed by Taylor Otwell and Dries Vints. Please review the upgrade guide to learn more about ensuring your application is compatible with Flysystem 3.x. Please review the upgrade guide to learn more about ensuring your application is compatible with Symfony Mailer. Laravel and its other first-party packages follow Semantic Versioning.

Server bind issue on Windows

These in-app messages are meant to improve UX, not disrupt it. In-app messaging should be used to highlight the most important new features or give a brief overview, not bog the user down in minute details. Release notes are often distributed to users on a designated page within the app itself. This approach allows for companies to maintain comprehensive lists of changes to their software going back to the product’s first version for their customers. Keeping these running lists shows customers that a product is in a constant state of improvement.

Partner and API Management Portal replaces the Partner Manager Portal application supported in Services Gatekeeper releases earlier than 6.0. This graphical user interface provisions network resources as network service interfaces. Service suppliers working in your group, or from other groups or companies can use the Network Service Supplier Portal to provide service interfaces. Tunneled parameters have been added to the Parlay X 2.1 Short Messaging/SMPP communication service. These features have been added in the November 2015 documentation release. Please see the release notes and installation manual for more information.

definition of release note

Include the official name of the product and the facts of your company’s registered name. The reader should tell which product in the release is updated. Release Notes provide interactive connections with your audience, improving the product, and adding current features to your project.

I hope I could have been a help for you to get a better understanding of the best practices for creating software releases and how to announce them. And they didn’t forget to include the relevant links to necessary profiles, either. If you send out a release note only by email, it won’t reach all your customers until they open up their app again. You can also post a release note on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. It’s also a great way to promote your release note to non-users. Trust me, people search for this kind of information and they care.

Fix epicsTime_localtime() on Windows

The people who scan release notes are there for a reason—they want information on what’s been changed and how that affects them. Make sure the text clearly shows what’s been changed, and highlight what those changes mean to the user. Also, don’t be afraid to use some humor to put the user at ease. They rush to put something—anything—together to check the “release notes” box of that particular development cycle. The release notes end up being full of technical jargon users will not understand.

definition of release note

The Application Developer’s Guide has been updated to describe the API and implementation is more detail. Note that recGblInitConstantLink() still returns TRUE if the field was successfully initialized from the link . This allows removal of UDP echo and similar protocol features which are not compatible with secure protocol design practice. The PCAS server now always behaves as if EPICS_CA_AUTO_ARRAY_BYTES is set to YES . A new start_child() method was added to the end of the jlif interface table. A regression was introduced in 7.0.2 which caused record chains with loops to be incorrectly broken.

Another method to make your release note notifications more valuable and relevant for users is to segment them depending on what they’ve seen from you. And even how long they’ve been users and what they’ve engaged in the past. Keep all of your changes in one single location or in-app changelog. It is a terrific method to ensure that they are always relevant and that your users can locate them. Be specific, and use media such as photographs and videos of the new features to support your claims. Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography that doesn’t have to update its services every week.

New and Changed Features

Changing from numeric to named soft events introduced an incompatibility when a numeric event is converted from a DOUBLE, e.g. from a calc record. Added a new macro callbackGetPriority to the callback.h header and removed the need for dbScan.c to reach into the internals of its CALLBACK objects. Previously a global mutex ‘lockSetModifyLock’ was locked and unlocked during dbScanLock(), acting as a sequencing point for otherwise unrelated calls. The new dbLock.c implementation does not include any global mutex in dbScanLock() or dbScanLockMany(). Locking/unlocking of unrelated lock sets is now completely concurrent.

definition of release note

“Release notes are documents that are distributed with software products, sometimes when the product is still in the development or test state (e.g., a beta release). Anne Edwards’s talk about her experience with release notes had everyone laughing. You can probably tell what kind of crowd there was at Write the Docs Prague 2018. Writing and designing release notes is one of those things that seem unnecessary, but have actually a huge impact. I really feel the need to emphasize how really important the amount of white space is important on a page.

Release Metrics

The feature includes test artifacts and linked milestones to facilitate internal processes, like external audits. First, you should have a simple language that is easy to understand. And last, people should be able to read your company’s tone out of the release notes. For many, release notes are extremely technical documents that are drawn up by developers for developers. However, if you take a user-centric approach to release notes, it provides an opportunity to drive awareness of new features and showcase the value of your product. The mechanism behind the “promptgroup()” field property inside a record type definition has been changed.

She struggled to find a good definition of release notes once she was there. Creating a release note release in Jira is not a tough process, though it includes some detail. Here you can learn how to make the best release notes in Jira. Something was different in the previous versions, but now that there could have been changes made to the Reclaim Policy or the Security Policy, people might have to confirm some configurations.

This change permits IOCs to be built that omit the CA server by removing its registrar entry which is now provided in the new rsrv.dbdfile. Other server layers can be built into the IOC by registering them in a similar manner. The dbServer API is documented with Doxygen comments in the header file.

  • A technical writer or any other member of the product, development, or test team can create product release notes.
  • We now give the -FC option to tell the compiler to print absolute paths for source files in diagnostic messages.
  • The idea of keeping things simple works because of the nature of the product, and the language used is easy for any layman to understand.
  • Although job artifacts normally expire, artifacts included in release evidence do not expire.
  • This may have been partly out of frustration, but also so that she could get to the heart of the meaning of each release note.
  • Another problem with release notes is they’re produced by people who don’t necessarily write as their primary role.

A brief overview of the product, feature update, or bug fix. Wherever you have an Internet connection using a PC, Linux, or Macintosh computer. Because this software is available through the World Wide Web, many of the constraints regarding which computer and software you use to access this material have been removed. Some links below may open a new browser window to display the document you selected. Ignition, the open source exception debug page created by Spatie, has been redesigned from the ground up.

Full IPv6 and Dual-Stack Communication Support

Their guides for major releases help users shift their platform without much hassle. The updates from the YouTube stable tend to be loaded with information but are easy to understand. Right from announcing an essential change in the beginning, YouTube details three more features, how to use them, and what users can gain from them – in 3/4 lines each. Release notes at Liquidplanner are easy to read, detailed, and consistent. The release notes are published every month, some with much more fanfare than others. The critical updates act as information repositories – for example, the API launch post explains how to create a token and other essential actions.

Upcoming releases

This release also includes additional protection against buffer overflows while printing long links in dbpr, and corrects the output of long strings from the dbgf command. In this release the mechanism has been extended to propagate the PUTF state across DB links until all downstream records have been reprocessed. The four separate Git branches core/master, libcom/master,ca/master and database/master have been recombined into one branch called 7.0.

This has an updated API, requiring any code that uses it to parse its own JSON files to be modified to match. The changes are mainly that it uses size_t insteadunsigned int for string lengths, but it also uses long longinstead of long for JSON integer values, which was the main motivation for the upgrade. Repository collaborators and people with write access to a repository can generate and customize automated release notes for a release.

Wikipedia offers a very general definition of release notes that doesn’t cite any sources, which leads Anne to believe that no one really knows what a release note is. At the very least they are an informal practice with no standard structure. Anne’s first stop in researching release notes was, of course, Google.

Database Parsing of “Relaxed JSON” Values

See Services Gatekeeper System Administrator’s Guide for details. MBean has been changed to include the number of EDR messages published to the Java Messaging Service by this MBean. The Services Gatekeeper API management features include the new Partner and API Management Portal GUI, Network Service Supplier definition of release note Portal GUI, and Partner Portal GUI. In practice, there were cases when customs authorities issued customs declarations with a release note, but due to some reasons, data was entered to IS much later. Although job artifacts normally expire, artifacts included in release evidence do not expire.

This means release notes might not be the top priority here. They understand the need for timely communication, and they have a good understanding of the customers. But, marketing teams don’t always have the strongest understanding of the product. They likely know how things work at a high level, but they might not be acquainted with things at a level where they can truly nail the details required for excellent release notes. Don’t skimp on your release notes—they’re your chance to share the culmination of your hard work. Using product release notes effectively will help you re-engage users, build excitement around your entire product, and extend your reach to new audiences.

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